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SITE – The School of IT Education was established by group of IT professionals with years of experience in industry. At SITE, we provide training and recruitment solutions to IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, Banking and Financial sectors. We truly understand client requirements, provide customized solutions, always maintain high standards in everything we do, deliver high quality and have a track record of excellent feedback from our clientele.

School of IT Education, SITE is a Training Academy with a unique training model with private and University partnership has been initiated by Andhra University in Hyderabad to convert the human resources more employable by imparting training with industry required skill set. The academy addresses retail training & education segment needs with a thrust on long-term career courses to individuals and high-end short-term courses to corporate in Information Technology, Multimedia and Soft Skills.

The academy SITE offer training to Graduate Students and to Campus recruited Corporate in Information Technology related skills along with personality development and soft skills.

An important focus of this academy is also to bring IT Industry and academia together, offer High Quality Training and provide project-ready skilled resources to companies using resources from industry and the university and thus bridge the University - Industry gap through such Innovative Programs.

• First of its kind in India to offer IT Courses with private and University partnership
• Courses designed with inputs from IT Industry & Andhra University.
• Started by group of IT professionals with diversified industry as well as teaching experience.

Our instructors/faculty brings together years of experience in working for industry leaders. They have knowledge of and in-depth industry experience in technologies in all the hot areas of today's market -- Internet Technologies, Client-Server applications, Multi-media, Business Application software, Test Automation etc.,

At SITE, we deliver a blend of knowledge, experience, speed and efficiency that is readily engaged, executed and applied to a market needs or business requirements.

SITE offers a variety of training courses, designed to provide an in-depth understanding of various software’s. The candidates get fully equipped through a balance mixture of classes, seminars, tutorials and workshops. The courses will be recognized for their technical accuracy and adherence to strong objectives.

Our delivery is dynamic, our interface is intuitive and our hands-on exercises are uniquely tailored to train students to prepare them for the job market

We have a strong HR Team for HR Recruitments and group of trainers on board who design and deliver as per client needs. We truly understand scale and have handled around 4000 people in the last year alone.