Where Can You Buy Black Garlic?

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Have you ever heard or encountered the black garlic? Well, if this is something new to you and if you are not familiar with it yet, then it is better to keep reading this article to know more about it. By the way, black garlic is just like the ordinary garlic but it is produced in a different way. It is still considered as a natural garlic but the color changes into black since it is exposed to heat and humidity for 60-90 days through Maillard reaction.

You don’t have to worryif it is safety to eat because, in Asian countries, this kind of spicehas already been used and incorporate it in their food ingredients. No wonder Asian foods are so delicious and healthy at the same time. Learn more about schwarzer knoblauch kaufen on schwarzer-knoblauch.

You can try to buy them in Asian specialized stores

Since it was mentioned earlier that black garlic has been used in Asian countries for so long, then you might easily find one in their specialized stores. If you have the opportunity to go to an Asian country, make sure to buy black garlic because it is believed to have a lot of health benefits such as being a great antioxidant and at the same time it also brings a lot of flavors to the food.

Try checking them in online stores

If you have already check them out in Asian specialized stores and you find none, then you can also try to check them if they are available online. You can see a lot of items that are rare to find online that you can just buy black garlic from reliable online shops. Just make sure that the online shop that you are dealing with is legit and reliable.

So those are some of the places that you might find and buy black garlic. It is important also to do some additional research and get to familiarize yourself with the recipes that uses black garlic in their ingredients.