How to Invest in Dogecoin In India: Best Exchanges, Software Wallet, Hardware Wallet, Transaction Fees.

What is dogecoin? How to Invest in Dogecoin In India? Dogecoin is widely well known in the crypto community. Dogecoin is considered more as a meme coin than a serious cryptocurrency. Dogecoin was created in 2013 , the creators of the cryptocurrency used Lite coin technology to power dogecoin. Dogecoin was created as a sarcastic joke by Jackson palmer a product manager at Adobe and a software engineer at IBM Billy Markus. How to Invest in Dogecoin In India ?

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How to Buy and Sell Dogecoin in 3 Steps in India:

Step 1: Get a Wallet to store your cryptocurrency. There are two different types of crypto wallet, Software Wallet and Hardware Wallet. For small amount of cryptocurrency you can use Software Wallet. For large amount of crypto coin you need a Hardware Wallet which is more safer than Software Wallet.

Step 2: Now you have find your Wallet Address which will be used for buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can just find it by login to your crypto wallet account.

Step 3: After finding wallet address now you need a crypto exchange platform to buy Dogecoin. there are several crypto exchanges in the market but recommended exchanges are Binance And Coinbase. register yourself into any of the above exchange and start trading in cryptocurrency.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a high risk task. Please do it with expertise. After buying any cryptocurrency make sure you have transfer your coin from exchange’s wallet to your Personal Hardware wallet.

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